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The Quasicontinuum (QC) method is a mixed continuum and atomistic approach for simulating the mechanical response of polycrystalline materials. The method reproduces the results of fully-atomistic techniques at a fraction of the computational cost. Both zero temperature and finite temperature versions of the method have been developed (Please see the about section for details).

This website serves as a clearinghouse for QC-related information. It includes downloadable software including the QC code and MultiBench code (described here). Support is available in the form of documentation, examples, FAQ and a bug report tool. Resources for the community of QC researchers include a list of people involved in QC research, a public on-line forum where users can interact, interesting links and news items. A list of QC-related publications is also included.

A list of resources discussing the theory and implementation of the QC method is given here.

Latest News

  • (2012-04-17) Modeling Materials Short Course in Aachen
    An intensive 4-day short course on the fundamentals of continuum, atomistic and multiscale modeling of materials will be held at AICES in Aachen, Germany during August 14-17, 2012. The course will be taught by two of the key developers of the quasicontinuum method, Profs. Ellad Tadmor and Ronald Miller. (For more information visit here.)
  • (2011-12-06) QC Version 1.4 Released!
    Version 1.4 of the QC code has been released. The new code includes bug fixes, some new features and optimizations. (For more information visit here.)
  • (2011-12-06) New book on multiscale modeling of materials
    Two of the key developers of the QC code, Ellad Tadmor and Ronald Miller, have
    written a new graduate-level textbook called "Modeling Materials: Continuum,
    Atomistic and Multiscale Techniques" (Cambridge University Press, 2011). This book covers the fundamentals of multiscale modeling of materials in an integrated accessible fashion. (For more information visit here.)

The complete QC news archive is available here.