Welcome to the QC Method Website!

The Quasicontinuum (QC) method is a mixed continuum and atomistic approach for simulating the mechanical response of polycrystalline materials. The method reproduces the results of fully-atomistic techniques at a fraction of the computational cost. Both zero temperature and finite temperature versions of the method have been developed (Please see the about section for details).

This website serves as a clearinghouse for QC-related information. It includes downloadable software including the QC code and MultiBench code (described here). Support is available in the form of documentation, examples, FAQ and a bug report tool. Resources for the community of QC researchers include a list of people involved in QC research, a public on-line forum where users can interact, interesting links and news items. A list of QC-related publications is also included.

A list of resources discussing the theory and implementation of the QC method is given here.