Inhomogeneous multiscale dynamics in harmonic lattices
D. Cubero and S. N. Yaliraki
Journal of Chemical Physics, 122, 034108 (2005).


We use projection operators to address the coarse-grained multiscale problem in harmonic systems. Stochastic equations of motion for the coarse-grained variables, with an inhomogeneous level of coarse graining in both time and space, are presented. In contrast to previous approaches that typically start with thermodynamic averages, the key element of our approach is the use of a projection matrix chosen both for its physical appeal in analogy to mechanical stability theory and for its algebraic properties. We show that thermodynamic equilibrium can be recovered and obtain the fluctuation dissipation theorem a posteriori. All system-specific information can be computed from a series of feasible molecular dynamics simulations. We recover previous results in the literature and show how this approach can be used to extend the quasicontinuum approach and comment on implications for dissipative particle dynamics type of methods. Contrary to what is assumed in the latter models, the stochastic process of all coarse-grained variables is not necessarily Markovian, even though the variables are slow. Our approach is applicable to any system in which the coarse-grained regions are linear. As an example, we apply it to the dynamics of a single mesoscopic particle in the infinite one-dimensional harmonic chain.