Initial dislocation topologies of nanoindentation into copper (001) film with a nanocavity
W. S. Yu and S. P. Shen
Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 77, 3329–3340 (2010).


This paper presents a multiscale investigation on the nanoindentation into (0 0 1) surface of copper film with a nanocavity using QCM. The topology of the initial dislocation nucleation corresponding to the incipient plasticity of the film varies for different shapes of nanocavity, which is greatly determined by the horizontal and vertical geometrical parameters of the nanocavity and its relative positions from the top surface of thin film. For some nanocavities with special geometrical parameters, the variation of the total energy of the system shows an interesting nonincreasing trend in the loading process due to the collapse of nanocavity.