Quasi-Continuum Model for the Finite Deformation of Single-Layer Graphene Sheets Based on the Temperature-Related Higher Order Cauchy-Born Rule
X. Y. Wang and X. Guo
Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, 10, 1540164 (2013).


A quasi-continuum theory for investigating the finite deformation of single-layer graphene sheets (SLGSs) in thermal environments is established based on the so-called temperature-related higher order Cauchy-Born rule (THCB rule) in the present paper. The temperature-related hyperelastic constitutive model for SLGSs is constructed with use of Helmholtz free energy as the thermodynamic potential to capture their thermo-mechanical coupling effect at finite temperature. The meshless method is employed to implement the numerical computation for the large deformation of SLGSs at room temperature. Several numerical examples under different loading conditions are performed and compared with the corresponding theoretical and experimental results.